StadiumDrop Announces Last Call for Early Bird Investor Round

Frisco, TX - StadiumDrop, a pioneer of in-seat delivery and fan experience, is just shy of closing its first seed round. The opportunity to be a part of the friends and family round, to get in while the terms are hot, is just a matter of time. 

StadiumDrop’s early bird investor round has brought in $160,238 to date and will soon hit the $200,000 mark. Once that dollar amount is reached, the round will close, and the terms for future investors will change.

“This is the best time to invest in StadiumDrop. Our value is about to increase, and these terms will not be available much longer.” 

Gary Pearson, StadiumDrop CFO

For 130 current investors, it is still possible to increase investment amounts before the terms change, but adjustments need to be made now. Only investors who have completed all the necessary steps and have confirmed their investment with StadiumDrop will be locked in with the current terms. Now is the time to go through that verification process to guarantee early bird status, log on to your account to access your profile at and complete your verification/investment with StadiumDrop. For new investors who want to jump on board in this round check out the terms directly at and invest today. The bottom line is the early bird investor round is about to close, and StadiumDrop is about to open up bigger and broader than ever before.

StadiumDrop Hires Regional Director of Collegiate Athletics – West Region
Frisco, TX – StadiumDrop announces the addition of David Steele, who will serve as the Regional Director of Collegiate Athletics – West Region. Steele brings a wealth of experience in the sports business with over ten years of coaching and athletic operational experience, two years of sports sponsorship, and two years of sports software management. […]
StadiumDrop welcomes a new game-day manager of in-seat Delivery at Hodgetown!
StadiumDrop hires a new game-day manager for the Sod Poodles.
StadiumDrop Announces Partnership with Pensacola Blue Wahoos
StadiumDrop, a pioneer of in-seat delivery and fan experience, announces its partnership with the Pensacola Blue Wahoos. StadiumDrop is thrilled to be able to partner with the Blue Wahoos to provide a game day experience that allows fans to place orders from an app and have their favorite concessions delivered right to their seats.