Our Founders

Kristen, CEO and Co-Founder, birthed the idea of StadiumDrop in 2019 and brought that idea to life with the determination and support of her husband Adam McAbee, COO and Co-Founder. Kristen’s mission at StadiumDrop is twofold, to ensure an opportunity for everyday people to earn significant income and to serve fans so they can stay in the moment with their family and friends, making memories together that will last a lifetime. Kristen plays an active role in developing leaders and values giving her team opportunities to grow in experience and leadership. 

Kristen’s heart for people and families is evident in her mission, as she desires to provide income opportunities for families and meaningful memories for families. As a mom of four active kids who love sports, Kristen has been blessed to be able to be a work-from-home mom. The McAbee’s active lifestyle, coupled with a love for sports, has them constantly surrounded by stadiums, arenas, and other sporting venues, the perfect background for this dream to be brought to reality. 

Kristen lives in the DFW area with her husband Adam and four children.

Kristen McAbee


Chief Executive Officer

Adam, COO and Co-Founder, birthed the idea of StadiumDrop in 2019 and brought that idea to life with the determination and support of his wife Kristen. Adam’s mission at StadiumDrop has multiple faces to it. The first is to provide an opportunity for fans to be in those moments with the people that matter the most so they can revisit those memories for a lifetime. The second is for the hard working American wanting to earn significant income while attending some of their favorite sporting events. The third is to provide visionary direction to StadiumDrop. Having spent many years in the technology industry, Adam is keen to the various technologies that are shaping the way fans engage in a game day atmosphere. Adam leads the day to day operations of StadiumDrop and brings leadership to each internal department.  

Adam’s extensive background in sales, and leadership has given him over 15 years of experience leading multiple teams and companies from the top. 

Adam lives in the DFW area with his wife Kristen and four children.

Adam McAbee

Co Founder

Chief Operations Officer

Our Executive Staff

Chadwick Hailey serves as the Executive Vice President for StadiumDrop. Overseeing the Human Resources department, Chadwick specializes in on boarding of Runners, Game Day Managers, and Game Day Specialists. Chadwick coordinates the game day experience from personnel to execution of deliveries. As EVP, Chadwick assists in multiple departmental leadership ensuring StadiumDrop’s continued success in its global growth.  

Chadwick lives in Brock, Texas with his wife Kenalea and his three sons Grayson, Brock, and Blaze.

Chadwick Hailey

Executive Vice President

Gary Pearson, Chief Financial Officer, joined StadiumDrop at its inception. An operational partner to the CEO, COO, and executive leadership team, his responsibilities include directing the organization’s fiscal functions, capital structure optimization, and corporate development strategy. Other roles include financial planning and analysis, mergers and acquisitions, investor relations, banking relationships, long-term strategic planning, and operational finance across all lines of business.

Pearson has been integral in assembling StadiumDrop’s finance department for regional and national support across the company’s divisions. He continues to partner with the executive team to diversify StadiumDrop’s portfolio and offerings.

Pearson resides in the Dallas area with his family.

Gary Pearson

Chief Financial Officer

Herbert is the Executive Vice President of Operations as of March of 2020. Herbert’s role is to work with venues to create an environment for in-seat delivery that is seamless and stress-free for the customer and the venue. Herbert joined StadiumDrop when Adam McAbee spoke about a vision of in-seat delivery to fans at events. The idea of delivering food to fans at events was a new, innovative idea that was compelling and caught Herbert’s attention. The idea was so compelling that Herbert decided to join StadiumDrop to help make the vision a reality. 

He has spent the previous years working as a principal for a public charter school. Currently working as a principal for a public charter school he is responsible for educating nine hundred plus students and managing twenty plus students.  


Herbert graduated from East Central University, where he played five years of football, and earned a Masters Degree in Sports Administration and Secondary Education. Herbert resides in Oklahoma with his wife and children.

Ricky Herbert

Executive VP, Operations

Serving as the Executive VP of Business Development, Rick's goals are to lead the sales team in casting a global presence for StadiumDrop while working side-by-side with the Executive Team. Rick has been part of StadiumDrop since before the company officially took flight. As a day one partner, Rick serves as an Executive and trusted voice within the organization. His primary desire is to see StadiumDrop become THE premier in-seat delivery provider not only in the United States, but around the world. 

Rick has a long history of working within global organizations that impact the world, ranging from ministry to high-tech project management. By nature, Rick is a leader and a visionary who easily sees the big picture while not losing sight of the importance of personal relationships and details that can be easily missed. Willingness to ask tough questions and push through uncomfortable conversations are some of Rick's strengths in leadership. 

Rick lives in the DFW area with his wife and five children.

Rick Thompson

Executive VP, Sales

Joshua oversees StadiumDrop’s advertising and marketing strategy and works with the Executive Team to ensure that all marketing efforts are aligned with the company’s financial and branding goals. Joshua has developed all of StadiumDrop’s logos, social media, websites, and marketing assets. His work has evolved from bringing StadiumDrop from concepts to now branding across multiple print and digital platforms that are being used in several major sports organizations and food servicers.

Joshua currently lives in Silsbee, Texas with his wife, Melissa and two daughters Esther and Emery.

Joshua Curtis

Chief Marketing Officer

Steven joined StadiumDrop as Executive VP of Client Services attending to customer and client relationships. Since its inception, Steven has performed various operating and project undertakings for StadiumDrop. Committed to both venue and customer care, Steven ensures that our venues are taken care of and our fans stay in their seats, enjoying every moment of the game. 

Steven is president of an NGO mission organization that ministers all over the world, bringing humanitarian aid to Uganda, Senegal, Philippines, India, Peru, Mexico, and Nicaragua, all while passionately presenting the Gospel. Within the Southwest U.S., Steven has led churches as small as 25 and as large as 600. He brings invaluable relational experience to the StadiumDrop team. 

Steven resides in the Dallas areas with his wife and 8 children.

Steven McAbee

Executive VP, Client Services

Trey serves as the Regional Sales Director for Collegiate Athletics in our Eastern region for StadiumDrop. Trey joined the StadiumDrop team before a single partnership had been formed and brought business acquisition experience to the table. Trey is a proven sales leader and understands the complexity each venue brings. A key player in opening new venues, Trey continues to see that the newest StadiumDrop partnerships are in great standing and operating smoothly. He’s driven by helping fans stay in the moment. 

Trey lives outside Little Rock, Arkansas with his amazing wife and four great kids.

Trey Poteat

Regional Sales Director - East

John has been a software developer for nearly ten years now, and loves using tech to build startups. He loves taking an idea and refining it into working software and a thriving business. 

Over the course of his career he’s built and scaled teams and companies from right in his hometown of OKC to the heart of Silicon Valley in San Francisco. 

John serves as the Chief Development Officer for StadiumDrop and resides in Oklahoma City with his wife and two children

John Mosesman

Chief Development Officer

David serves as the Regional Sales Director for Collegiate Athletics in our Western region for StadiumDrop. David recently joined the StadiumDrop team as the business and sales acquisitions team began to grow. David is a proven sales leader and networker. He understands the value each connection brings and is well connected in the collegiate, and pro sports arenas. David is driven by seeing his relationships all benefit from the tremendous value he sees in StadiumDrop. 

A graduate of the University of Oregon, David currently resides with his family in the north Dallas metroplex.

David Steele

Regional Sales Director -West